Manx Lottery Trust: Renovated youth cafe

Kenyon's Café, a charity serving the young people of Onchan, has carried out much needed renovations to their drop in centre.

Breda and Trevor represented the Manx Lottery Trust at a well attended preview night of the facilities.  A grant was awarded by MLT towards the cost of new seating.

Chairman of Kenyon's Café, Martin Macfarlane, said "During recent years our attendance figures have grown substantially demonstrating the importance of such a facility within the village. We have created a secondary lounge area to provide enough seating and entertainment for multiple friendship groups plus another area for youth workers to discuss sensitive topics without the distractions from others." 

Martin expressed his gratitude to all volunteers who had worked non-stop over the summer holiday and to all who assisted in making the renovation possible.

Pictured above: Martin Macfarlane, Chairman, Kenyon's Café (left) and some of his team of volunteers having a well earned rest on the new seating.